McMillan Fiberglass Stocks Hires New Production Manager

November 24th 2014

Phoenix, AZ (November 21, 2104) McMillan Fiberglass Stocks hires Richard Aitken as production manager. Aitken’s responsibilities include overseeing planning, quality, coordination, and control of McMillan’s manufacturing processes.


2014 F-Class National Championships

November 10th 2014

Congratulations to Team Sinclair on their recent record-breaking performance at the 2014 F-Class National Championships held in Phoenix, AZ. The four man team broke the 1,000 yard National Record by scoring an impressive 792x38X.


McMillan Group Announces New Website and Online Store

September 25th 2014

Phoenix, Arizona (September 25, 2014) – McMillan Group International launched a new website with an online store for inventoried stocks. This is the first time in the company’s history customers can purchase stocks online, including tactical, hunting, competition, and benchrest stocks. Stock accessories, apparel, knives, and sale items are also available for purchase.


How was the A-5 developed

May 1st 2014

Gale McMillan, founder of McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, partnered with the Marine Corp in 1975 in a project that has been recognized as the birth of the modern tactical rifle, the M40A1. Made of fiberglass, with a heavier than normal forearm and traditional hunting lines aft, this stock is still in service with many units.


How is a tactical rifle stock different than a stock for a hunting rifle?

April 15th 2014

A tactical rifle is used under stress, usually when all other measures have failed and human lives are in danger. At the critical moment, all components must work flawlessly, every time. This prime consideration flows through all the decisions a stock designer must make when developing a tactical stock.


Pillar Bedding Article – Part IV

April 1st 2014

A number of well-respected, successful gunsmiths and gun builders use techniques that are different than the one I described in Part III. As I said, they are successful gun makers that build very accurate guns. No one can say that their technique doesn’t work. As I stated, we “believe” that ours is the best way, but realize that having a choice is always a good thing. Following is a description of the other technique most widely used.


Pillar Bedding Article – Part III

March 1st 2014

When pillar bedding gained acceptance, there was little argument about how to do it right. It seemed almost everyone in the competitive arena used similar techniques.


Pillar Bedding Article – Part II

February 1st 2014

Not long after the pillar bedding process was developed, fiberglass stocks came onto the scene.While benchrest shooters were convinced that pillar bedding had a positive effect on the accuracyof their rifles, they assumed the same process would help to improve accuracy of a fiberglassstock rifle.


Pillar Bedding Article – Part I

January 14th 2014

In the firearms industry, it seems there is always a “trend” that is accepted as state-of-the-art, atleast until something else comes along to replace it. Right now aluminum bedding blocks seemto be the trend. I recently posted our views on the ABB, so I won’t go into that now, but there isa related trend that I think needs addressing—pillar bedding or bedding using aluminum pillars.